Editing & proofreading

“The first draft reveals the art; revision reveals the artist.”
Michael Lee
Enhancing your writing, one letter at a time

When you have an intriguing, creative or important story to tell, or you’re advancing your education with an honour’s, master’s or doctoral degree, you don’t always have to possess exceptional language skills. If your research is thorough, you have a well-formulated train of thought or argument, as well as a clear message, an experienced editor could do wonders when fine-tuning your words.

However, editing and proofreading are two different disciplines of the revision process, and you should determine which service will best suit your text in its current state when approaching an editor.

Editing is the proactive process of improving a text’s overall quality through changes and suggestions, especially regarding language use, expression, wordiness, tone of voice, consistency and readability. After editing, your writing will be sharp, clear, and enhanced to reach its maximum impact. Whether your native language is English or Afrikaans, editing should ensure your text appears natural, even if you’re writing in your second language.

On the other hand, proofreading is not as in-depth as editing, yet equally important. Proofreading corrects surface errors, such as spelling, punctuation, typing, grammatical, formatting and other visible mistakes in your text. Proofreading aims to polish an already edited or well-written text, as the printer’s devil can creep into any document.

When seeking the services of an editor or proofreader, it’s crucial to entrust your writing to experienced professionals, like KD Language Services. Because we understand the conventions and nuances of both English and Afrikaans, we can methodically and thoroughly eliminate any errors, inconsistencies and other easily overlooked mistakes plaguing your writing,

When you’re working on a document for publication, whether a thesis, novel, blog or business article, it’s vital to convey your intended message as clearly as possible. As we’re all human, some errors and inconsistencies will likely appear in an unedited text, which will undermine your credibility as the author and decrease the impact of your writing. Ideally, you should have your text edited and then proofread, should time be on your side.

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