content & copywriting

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.”
Benjamin Franklin
Compiling words to create compelling content for you and your business

Conveying information and connecting with prospective clients and customers is key when promoting your business, services or products. Whether digitally or via print, quality content writing and on-brand copywriting will ensure your business stands head and shoulders above its competitors.

But what is the difference between content writing and copywriting, and how do you determine which one you need?

Content writing is often lengthier, information-heavy texts, aiming to educate or entertain readers with high-quality content. Although the information shared could generate sales or bookings, it’s not the primary purpose.

Our content writing services include:

On the flip side, copywriting is more compact, fast-paced and time-sensitive, with its main goal being to persuade and encourage readers to take a sales-related action. These actions can include buying a product, using a service, making an appointment or visiting a specific place.

our copywriting services include:

To ensure you choose the form of content creation most beneficial to your business, you should determine its purpose ─ education or entertainment versus persuasion. Once you’ve established the purpose of the required content, the creative process can commence.

You’ll need content writing when:

You’ll need copywriting when: