5 Reasons why you should use KD Language Services

In these troubled times when many of us don’t know how we’re going to pay our monthly bills, it’s become necessary to think outside the corporate cubicle. Following this line of thought, I’ve dusted off my creative cap and established KD Language Services ─ a resourceful communications company offering professional editing, expert translation between Afrikaans and English, and on-brand copywriting. If you need any of these services, here are five reasons why you should pick KD Language Services from the sea of online freelancers.


Most people prefer having a full-time job with stable working hours and a steady income ─ we’re creatures of habit afterall. Being employed in the corporate world, whether it be at a small startup or a branch of a nationwide business, is the best way to gain that much-needed experience in your field. But sometimes life throws a curveball and innovation is required to further your career, or you’re simply looking to make a few extra bucks ─ this leads to freelancing.

Before I rediscovered my calling, I obtained a BA Law degree from Stellenbosch University and worked at a law firm as a conveyancing assistant for three years. I was constantly drawn back into the world of words by translating and editing co-workers’ correspondence on request. This led to a Postgraduate Diploma in Translation and Editing at my alma mater. The next five years were spent traversing South Africa’s sleepy towns and honing my expertise as a translator, editor, and copywriter for

They say writers are born and as someone who’s first poem was published in a local newspaper at the age of eight, I can attest to this. I’ve received many language-related accolades throughout my school career and have since published more than sixty blogs and twenty magazine articles. My wealth of language knowledge will be at your disposal.

2. YOU’LL work directly with the top dog

When using a large company to fulfill your editing, translation, or content-related requirements, you’ll often have to deal with different people and a lot of red tape. You might also not have access to the credentials of the specific person handling your project. But when you’re using a freelancer for the job, you’ll have direct access to one person who will most likely provide proof of their expertise without a third party being involved.

At KD Language Services you’ll have exclusive access to the main chief ─ me! No matter who you are or what the size of your project is, you’ll receive professional and efficient language service, dedicated to making your words work for you.

3. you’ll receive service regardless of location

One of the biggest advantages of being a freelancer is being able to do your job no matter where you are. Some enjoy the look and feel of a real office and create a home office, others might like working outside overlooking a garden, and for some being able to sit in bed with their laptop is the ultimate perk of freelancing.

Through the years, technology has become our friend and, in this case, my business partner. As long as I have my laptop, cell phone, and internet access, your project will be my priority, no matter where I’m located. Unfortunately, circumstances such as loadshedding will often try to trip us, but I’ll find a way to weather the storm.

4. you’ll benefit from a flexible schedule

When working as a freelancer, you have to possess a set of specific skills, including being organised and an excellent communicator. But time management is probably the most important of the lot as you’ll often have to juggle multiple projects in a short space of time.

Luckily for me (and you), punctuality is one of my top traits, or should I say: being early for every appointment! I’m blessed with precise planning and time-management skills which I’ll spin to your advantage when starting a new project. As I’m detail-oriented and strive never to overload my plate, I’ll plot my calendar to ensure all deadlines are met without compromising quality.

5. the reasonable rates will fit your pocket

In case you didn’t know, freelancers have to adhere to a range of rates annually updated by different language organisations. Freelancers are still able to quote any amount within that range, but as we all know, money is tight and clients have to find a quote that won’t break the bank, all the while hoping for their money’s worth.

This is a good thing! As I’m in control of my quotes, I’ll try to give you the best possible price without compromising myself in the process. This sets KD Language Services apart from an agency generating numerous daily quotes ─ never underestimate the human element when it comes to business.

So, now you know who I am, what I do, and why you should use KD Language Services for your next editing, translation, or copywriting project.